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Workshopping brainwaves

Second year in the row that I’ve held a workshop at FH Joanneum’s Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design program themed around brainwave sensors. Meanwhile I’ve amassed three BCI devices: my original ZEO sleep sensor, a Myndplay BrainBandXL headband, and …

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Lightning Sensing

Browsing Tindie I stumbled into the awesomeness that is this lightning sensor breakout board by Tautic Electronics, which is build around the AS3935 Lightning Sensor IC by austria microsystems. Which fit in perfectly with my recent interest in electromagnetics, and …

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HKL•••XYZ at IUCr 2014

Prototype presentation of Daniel’s Xray-crystallography project at the International Union of Crystallography congress (August 2014) at the Palais des Congres in Montreal. We had a setup to demo a kinect-tracked real space and oculus rift-enabled reciprocal space. More info on …

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Earth Sound Earth Signal

Earth Sound Earth Signal by Douglas Kahn chronicles the history of sonified electromagnetism in the arts (and sciences).

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After years of coding sloppy and one-project-at-a-time minded, I am starting to see the value of modular reusable code. Also, I started to get embarrassed by using my github account solely for personal archiving instead of it’s intended purpose: to …

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avalanche_01Suspended Expectations, searching Chill Moments

The onset of the guitar at the beginning of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah, the high bell sounds in Trentemøller’s Miss You … Here i go looking for signs in my brainwaves that hint at the emotional euphoria and chill sensation that certain moments of music produce within me.

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figure_rainbow_formLa Figure de la Terre

Audio-reactive visual software for contemporary Finnish opera La Figure de la Terre.

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rainbow_refractionRefraction Reflection Refraction

A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon – thus, a rainbow is not an object, and cannot be physically approached.

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maxext_16How to – Jitter Java Objects

A guide showing the steps i followed when creating my first java jitter externals for Max/MSP.

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hyperTalking Hyper

Late 2011 Rachel Lovelock Yeomans – a fashion designer graduate from Central Saint Martins – sent me interview questions about my project HYPER and the abstract concept of the fourth dimension.

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figure_rainbowLa Figure de la Terre premiere

I created visual software for Mia Mäkelä to be used for the contemporary Finnish opera La Figure de la Terre which will premiere tonight (April 13th) at the Sophiensaele in Berlin.

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20121122_111009Prep Windows machine for fulltime exhibition setup

How to run 24-7 installations Blair Neal posted the very useful How to make an installation stay up 4evr (Mac OS X version). I’ve been collecting my own list for setting up installations with Windows machines for a while now. …

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theliveissuecover_630Generation Generativ in .Centmagazine

I was invited to contribute to the Live Issue of .Cent Magazine, for their feature on generative art.

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TROIKA - Arcades (2012)Troika

With a particular interest in perception and the spatial experience many of Troika’s work draw inspiration from fundamental scientific, optical and mechanical principles.

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eeg-20120914-034208Frequency bins

Study of brainwave activity during different sleep stages, as measured with the Zeo Sleep Manager and with the help of ZeoLibrary. One of the screenshots the ZeoLibrary takes every half hour while i am asleep. Monitoring and Recording I use …

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Scientific Knowledge and a New World-View

A collection of quotes from scientists and thinkers, on how to combine a scientific world-view with your daily life.

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sleep-zq-20120813-205045More Sleep Graphs

Mid-Sleep time, average sleep states and temperature mappings

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The ZeoLibrary for Processing lets you import and analyse the data export files from your Zeo Sleep Manager website.

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sleep-totalz-20120822-205510Hello First Processing Library

A step-by-step guide on how I got started with libraries and eclipse and google code, and managed to compile my first processing library.

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20120724_224304Adventures in Sleeping

Since fall 2011 I own a Zeo Sleep Manager. Every night I put on a headband that has a sensor resting against my forehead.

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time-01A Time of its Own

Experiments with time dilation using custom-made electronic clocks.
Clock objects – electronic toy and thought experiment at once – let us encounter the exaggerated effects of motion onto time within the limits of our perception.

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morphovisionSpace-Time Art

Media Art Works dealing with Space, with Time, with Space-Time, and anything in between.

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Altered StatesA Compilation of Written and Directed Meta Worlds

Psychological Novels of the 19th Century and movies tackling meta worlds.

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tad12-3-01-01Thought Experiments / February 2012

I failed again at thing-a-day, the February 2012 edition. My plan was to come up with a new thought experiment every day – Feb 1st to 29th – but that was obviously too big a challenge.

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twobarriers-01Intuition, Subliminal Perception and the Subconscious

Our subconscious knows more, sees more and hears more than we do. About Intuitions, Experiments Below the Awareness Threshold, and Free Will.

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A Dangerous Method

This was a bit of a disappointment – A Dangerous Method is a Cronenberg movie after all, but i feel like he touched upon a interesting subject and instead of going deeper into it, he decided to make a partially …

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All in the Mind: Are You Conscious?

All in the Mind is 10 years old, and produced a couple of retrospective podcasts on research and discoveries covered over the last 10 years. Here’s a great one: All in the Mind 10th Anniversary Special 2: Are You Conscious? …

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Stuff to Blow Your Mind

I’ve been listening to Stuff to Blow Your Mind continuously while walking. Catching up on their old podcasts too. And there are so many of them! Recent favorites (MP3 links) If a tree falls in a forest, does it make …

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Depressive people stay calm at the onsite of an approaching disaster because they already expect bad things to happen. This is what inspired Lars van Trier to write and direct Melancholia and is beautifully portrayed when at the end Justine …

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DISPLACE (v 1.0)

I attended an experimental session inside DISPLACE (v 1.0), a Performative Sensory Environment developed by LabXmodal and the Concordia Sensoria Research Team (CONSERT) here at Concordia University in Montreal. In groups of six – sometimes together, sometimes alone, sometimes alone …

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