Generative Art in Moscow

Generative art
Fourth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

Sept. 22nd – Oct. 30th 2011

My Liquid Sound Collisions took part in this showcase of generative art featuring a very impressive list of artists:

Tom Beddard
Marcin Ignac
Leonardo Solaas
David Wicks
Eno Henze
Marius Watz
Kim Asendorf
Alexander Lysov

Curator: Alexander Lysov
Co-curator: Timofey Caraffa-Corbut

Sponsors:, 25 Kadr Gallery

Generative Art
Generative art can be defined as an art practice in which the artist is using the systems, – a set of rules presented by natural language, computer program, machine, or other processing invention, which are set in motion with certain level of autonomy, and contribute to the creation of an artwork or create it completely by itself. The system is a set of interrelated elements separate from the environment and interacting with it as a whole.
The key property of generative art is usage of the systems in one form or another. These systems can be ordered as well as unordered, chaotic. The complexity theory and information theory assume that ordered and unordered systems are quite simple, and complex systems develop both properties or order and disorder at the same time. Thus, the relation of order and randomness can be the starting point for classifying the systems used in the generative art, and the basis for understanding the generative art itself.

Alexander Lysov

Generative Art on

Here you can see some photos and video of the show.

Plus, now i know how my name looks written in the Russian Alphabet: Ева Шиндлинг !

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