Call for your dreams

White Loop Dream Collection

“Even sleepers are workers and collaborators in what goes on in the Universe.” – Heraclitus

We are collecting stories for an upcoming art installation. What we need is a recollection of your dream adventures, written in whichever language you choose. They can be hilarious, touching or esoteric, this submission form is completely anonymous. No one will see your writing; every submission will be audio recorded by a group of actors. You don’t need to reveal any information about yourself (unless you want to).

Just one thing: the text should be longer than a short two-sentence summary – we want every detail! We want to hear about the colour of the walls in the classroom, that the man with the gun was chewing bubblegum…

Thanks for participating! And of course you are welcome to come back and submit more dreams!

Eva & Mara & Nick

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