Pixxelpoint 2010

I’ll be presenting Circuit Explorations this Saturday at the Pixxelpoint Festival in Slovenia. The presentation will take the form of a performance-lecture, first i’ll talk about the inspiration behind – the fine-tuned universe and the emergence of complexity – and then explain the project at hand before letting the visualization and sonification take over in a manual search performance.


11th International New Media Art Festival
December 3rd – 10th 2010
Nova Gorica, Slovenia

I’ve been tuning the visualization a bit, so i can control the sonification of the Voltage readings (PD in the background) directly from the application.

Triple Conjunction: Magic, Myths and Mutations

2010 Theme

“A triple conjunction is an astronomical event, where two planets or a planet and a star meet each other three times in a short period either in opposition or at the time of inferior conjunction, if an inferior planet is involved. The visible movement of the planet or the planets in the sky is therefore normally prograde at the first conjunction, retrograde at the second conjunction and again prograde at the third conjunction.” (Wikipedia)

Curated by Heiko Daxl and Ingeborg Fülepp

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