Liquid Sound Collisions are currently exhibited as part of the show Point-of-presence curated by Mikhel Proulx at the Truck Gallery in Calgary.


Juliette Bonneviot (Berlin, DE), Alex Delany (New York, NY), Constant Dullaart (Berlin, DE), Martin Kohout (Berlin, DE), Jan Robert Leegte (Amsterdam, NL), Jon Rafman (Montreal, QC), Eva Schindling (Montreal, QC)
Curated by Mikhel Proulx
Runs from September 9, 2011 through to October 6, 2011

Point-of-presence compiles artistic perspectives on public space and socialization after the internet.

The exhibition pulls together a survey of artistic experience of the internet and observes how communication technologies have altered public space and cultures of display. The project can be seen as a re-entering of exhibition space with conceptions of the art object reformed by conditions of the internet.


Two opposing terms generate a smooth polarized gradient between them. You are invited to insert and position words that represent thematic elements in between the two poles. The last 35 submitted words are pulled from the database and displayed. Streamlines – representing the invisible dynamics between the opposites – are slowly drawn onto the field. The lines are effected by points of force located between the individual words. Slowly the smooth gradient is transformed into a more turbulent transition zone.


In addition to the physical exhibition, every artist submitted a correlating web art piece, that can be seen at: http://www.truck.ca/pop.

I created a processingjs sketch, that in combination with javascript and a database allows users to enter and place words into a collision field.

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