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Beautiful Facts, Concepts, Thoughts and Ideas that make my heart skip a beat

This is a growing list.

# Rainbows

A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that has no apparent purpose in nature.

While the world has adapted to make use of the beauty of a sunset - with plants responding to the far-red light of the spectrum (see Phytochrome photoreceptors) - no system in nature seems to have adapted to the rainbow. You could say the rainbow is a hidden easter egg left for us to marvel at, and/or possibly providing an incentive to try to understand the underlying geometry of nature.

Whenever there is rain and sun, there is an infinity of possible rainbows out there. They are hidden - non-existing - unless observers positions themselves at the perfect location and angle, to unveil them.

# Olbers' Paradox

If the universe were infinite, the night sky would be on fire!

In an infinite and eternal static universe the night sky would be shiny, blazing and radiant from all the photons traveling through eternity from the infinite amount of suns existing in space. This is Olbers' paradox, which is also known as dark night sky paradox and one of the reasons why an expanding, dynamic universe and it's big bang theory of origination make sense.

Obler's Paradox

# 2D Infinity

Earth is finite in three dimensions, yet boundless and never-ending in two dimensions!

The simple addition of a dimension to a seemingly boundless world, transforms it into a straightforward manageable size. I bet if we look at the universe in four dimensions, it will lose its apparent infinity (and probably be warped around a hypersphere). The poetic thing about this notion is, that by downgrading, we seem to win. The reduction of possible ways of looking at things leads to more fulfilling, vaster and more mysterious interpretations of reality. The more we know, the more we uncover, the smaller our world will become.