A Dangerous Method

This was a bit of a disappointment – A Dangerous Method is a Cronenberg movie after all, but i feel like he touched upon a interesting subject and instead of going deeper into it, he decided to make a partially funny (deliberately or not) romance movie. We are introduced to the relationship between Jung and Freud, but we don’t see enough of it to feel the pain of the rupture between them. The rupture that will bring Jung to a nervous breakdown (or: when he gives in and let’s his unconscious take over). Also, the sexual relationship between Jung and Sabina Spielrein has lots of potential – may it be a doctor-patient relationship, a soda-masochistic sexual one, or the partnership admiration between two scientists – yet at the end of the movie we are meant to believe it was a (mainly) romantic one. I feel we are missing scenes to make both those 2 relationships believable. Maybe it’s all there in the 3-hour director’s cut, i’ll just have to wait.

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