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Workshopping brainwaves

Second year in the row that I’ve held a workshop at FH Joanneum’s Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design program themed around brainwave sensors. Meanwhile I’ve amassed three BCI devices: my original ZEO sleep sensor, a Myndplay BrainBandXL headband, and …

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eeg-20120914-034208Frequency bins

Study of brainwave activity during different sleep stages, as measured with the Zeo Sleep Manager and with the help of ZeoLibrary. One of the screenshots the ZeoLibrary takes every half hour while i am asleep. Monitoring and Recording I use …

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20120724_224304Adventures in Sleeping

Since fall 2011 I own a Zeo Sleep Manager. Every night I put on a headband that has a sensor resting against my forehead.

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rainWhite Noise, Oh So Lovely

Listening states and Stimulus vs. Deprivation When i walk down the street while listening to a podcast or music with my headphones on, i turn the volume of my mp3 player to almost the maximum of 30 out of 30, …

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