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markfellWhy Algorithmic Visuals Ruin My Music Experience / Elektra 2011

I tend to say that the music was only really good, if you didn’t notice the visuals at all. Electronic music often comes packaged with algorithmic visuals. When i look at anything that originates from code (or COULD originate from …

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circexpreziAt Pixxelpoint

On Dec. 4th i did a performance-lecture of Circuit Explorations at the Pixxelpoint festival in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. It started as a talk and ended as an audio-visual performance. I talked about obstructive reality, and how we creative worldviews to …

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visualizationPixxelpoint 2010

I’ll be presenting Circuit Explorations this Saturday at the Pixxelpoint Festival in Slovenia. The presentation will take the form of a performance-lecture, first i’ll talk about the inspiration behind – the fine-tuned universe and the emergence of complexity – and …

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nocinema1HTMlles 2010

I spent the last couple of weeks behind the scenes of HTMlles 2010 – a festival of media arts and digital culture focusing on female creators.

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